Shipping Policies

Rusty Rail Recordings, Robert Linton and indemnifies itself when shipping products to the client for any shipping incidents due to external causes such as accidents, unforeseeable government measures, pandemic, fire, flood, “acts of God”, or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control occur;

All of our merchadising clothing items are purchased via our 3rd party vendor, in which ships to you on behalf of our above mentioned parties.

  1. There’s a wrong, invalid, or misspelled delivery address indicated on the order;

  2.  The recepient refuses delivery or item is deemed by our shipping vendor as delivered.

Additionally, there may be limited availability of same-day fulfillment on certain local holidays and high-volume shopping days including, but not limited to, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.  We do expect our products to be delivered in 2 weeks of order, however; due to fulfillement and delivery services, our items may take up to 8 weeks to deliver. 

Shipping is included in our prices. Due to any unforseen rise in shipping costs to a region we reserve the right to update our client in advance to change or cancel the order and refund monies instantly upon so doing.