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“Music is the voice of my soul.”  

Debbie was born in Newfoundland and raised in Toronto Canada. She has had a love for singing from the age of 10 years old. She sang in School and Church Choir and that was it she found herself hooked. To Debbie, music is always evolving That is what makes her music and performance so interesting.  She enjoys working with her husband to create music and has often said it has been an incredible experience. The freedom to be able to write from a female perspective makes it even better. Debbie said that she is just grateful that life has led her here to have this opportunity, her most recent album is a reflection of this. Her favourite female artist and influence is Adele, Debbie thinks Adele is the embodiment of talent and poise. Her favorite male artist is Freddie Mercury for his dedication to his artistry, in which is something she admires.   Debbie gives us a quote; “Music is the voice of my soul.” Debbie wanted to give a shout out to super tres cool artiste, mrfoxeydoodles on instagram. sincerest thanks for the cover artwork…  

William Ehredt
Rusty Rail Recordings

William Ehredt was born in Thornton Colorado and has been singing since he was a child at the young age of eight years old.Throughout the years William has actively participated in several groups To include a vocal jazz ensemble At the age of forty nine, William took up the guitar on a regular basis. William’s musical side has many influences, Elvis in early life was an influence, but when told the story, my impression is Williams family spent lots of time with him rehearsing for talent shows, I imagine it was a very good time of life for him. . Later on in life Williams influences include the music of Alabama, Garth Brooks, Kenny Loggins, Chicago and The Manhattan Transfer William also noted that his choir directors were a huge influence in direction and mentor ship of his craft. “The thought of being a recording artist has always been a dream.  The Excitement of making music and entertaining is in my soul and has been missing for so long. I am honored to be part of Rusty Rail Recordings.” – William Ehredt

Rob Linton
Rusty Rail Recordings

Born in Edmonton Alberta, raised in Toronto Ontario Canada, Rob is a self taught artist producer and unique person. He writes his own music and does all the instrumentation and vocals himself. His folk, rock, blues style of music is often compared to that of Dylan, Cohen, Springsteen and Petty. Rob considers himself lucky to have achieved success in music and in business. Rob is a forward thinker that owns and is CEO of Rusty Rail Recordings and producer of his own albums. He is an international recording artist and has sold out numerous successful Toronto shows in the past 3 years. 

David Pete Blue Powell

Rusty Rail Recordings


From West Virginia, trained classically on piano and trained by the school of the blues, David Pete Blue Powell is one of the most intelligent jazz, blues, rock songwriters of today!  He has just released his 3rd album.

David also is a Sr. Executive Producer at Rusty Rail Recordings as he produces his guitar lesson for Above and Beyond... an incredible series of teaching videos. 

David is an highly talented and unique artist that any serious listener would be  bettered to hear. 

Rickey Combs

Rusty Rail  Recordings  

 Rickey is a high calibre singer/songwriter based in Pekin, IL. He recalls singing from an early age and the first commercial song he learned was Travelin' Man by Ricky Nelson after whom he was named. Rickey has sold his music internationally and has become a staple perfomer in independant country music. He is a valued member of the Rusty Rail Recordings artists.


The Rebel
Rusty Rail Recordings

Rebel Roath Gear Pic.jpg

Writing songs for 32 years this self taught singer guitar man had no lessons and has a unique style of  playing the  guitar upside down  which gives a distinctive sound. He has a wide range of styles and influences in his music.

He caught the ear of Rusty Rail Recordings and was quickly signed in 2021.

A universally adaptable songwriter many folks will enjoy this talented humble man and his amazing musical stories.

Bruce Dunn
Rusty Rail Recordings


Bruce Dunn, is a man who has lived life.

Often without a care, Bruce is a clever, charming and crafty songwriter, musician and a multi faceted entertainer of people.

Bruce had a series of life altering events in as which led to an severe isolation.

While most would be left with a devastating future. Bruce came out of his introspective - changed and has become a very strong songwriter and musician, and a very solid person.

It really reflects in his music, his music is classic.