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We strive to adhere to ada and wcag policies and regulations. We try to test for full accesibility for those with disablity. If you have a disablility a have issues with our store's accesibility, Please contact us at with your issue.  

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Our Fantastic Artists

" The truth is - there is a super talent in every neighbourhood in every part of this world.

There is an growing and amazing  number of Digital Audio Workstation artists /producers every 20 city blocks, and  in the rural regions, all over this world. 


The majority  of these super talents are not recoginized outside their family and friends because of  their lifestyle  choices and or needs.


I think there is plenty of space for labels to get those voices heard by listeners who yearn for a return to new original real music. 

That is the reason I started Rusty Rail Recordings.


Along the way I felt I could both  give back and also assist Independent artists by opening our company store up for them to sell from in a warm, music led environment. 

It translates to great music and a solid value for our customers."

"I can't be hyporcritical upon it either,

I'm a musician too."

- Rob Linton Owner, CEO 

Rusty Rail Recordings/

All Artists music sold in this store is copyrighted and registered with PROS. 

All sales are non refundable, we will replace any defective or transit ruined music via e-mail.

IMust be 18 years of age or older to participate. Parental consent is required for any under 18.

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